Day 24 Of 30 Days With Lemon: Use Lemon Juice For Toothache

Lemon juice can be used as home remedy for a toothache before visiting the dentist. If the cavity is in the top\upper tooth, a lemon wedge\slice can be bitten into to extract the juice into the tooth.

The lemon juice can also remove the odour from the cavity while helping to reduce a toothache.




Juice extractor

Medicine-Syrup dropper tool



Step 1: Wash the lemon. Extract the juice of the lemon using a juice extractor.


Step 2: Pour the lemon juice into a drinking glass.


Step 3: Use the medicine-syrup dropper tool to sip the lemon juice.


Step 4: Place the dropper tool on the area with a toothache especially a cavity and then squirt some of the lemon juice on it. If the cavity or toothache is at the top, then a lemon wedge or slice can be bitten into so extract the juice into the affected area.

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