About Anino



Anino Ogunjobi is an author. Games Designer,

She is a crafter. She hand knits, crochets, machine knits, design knitwears,

She is  also a surface pattern designer,

you can see and buy some of her surface

pattern designs in www.spoonflower.com/profiles/anino

and woven monkey


which can be printed on fabrics,

wallpapers, giftwraps and much more.

She is  a  craft designer/ greeting card designer.

She loves anything craft .

She just love maximizing crafting ideas.

Nevertheless, She sews clothes for fun.

She loves baking too.

Can I just say that she wears

lots of crafting hats…..(laughing).

Her brand is “A HUDY BERY ®” .

You can visit my other site




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