Mosser milk glass cake stand

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With a burnished finish these elegant display stands will show off your cakes and cupcakes to best effect.


  • made by hand in Cambridge, Ohio – as they have been since 1954
  • genuine milk glass with a lovely burnished finish – there are many copies available but Mosser Glass are considered the originals and must be the best you’ll find anywhere
  • perfect for wedding and celebration cakes, cupcakes, desserts, afternoon tea, table centrepieces and entertaining
  • we appreciate you do not have the opportunity to inspect each individual stand prior to ordering, so we’ve included as much information as we possibly can to help you . . .
  • Mosser milk glass cake stands are created by craftsmen and women using valuable old moulds, which leave a seam running down the pedestal – this is a sign of genuine moulded glass not found on cheap copies
  • as featured in The Great British Bake Off and used by top cake makers
  • they’re not cheap – they can’t be, as each stand undergoes a 6 stage manufacturing and glazing process, taking over 3 hours to produce just one piece – plus just getting them here from the USA isn’t exactly cheap!
  • colour is achieved using Erbium Oxide – a restricted and very expensive compound which gives milk glass its unique characteristics
  • IMPORTANT – each piece is very slightly different and occasionally there may be a brownish spot or line where erbium oxide is visible. These are normally very small and not noticed when viewing the stand from more than a few inches away, but please note any such marks are notregarded as faults – these are simply features of hand made milk glass
  • approx 12½” / 31cm / 310mm diameter
  • lipped plate edge holds a 12″ cake or cake board
  • approx 9¼” / 23cm / 230mm high
  • pedestal base approx 6¾” / 17cm / 170mm diameter
  • weighs approx 3kg
  • Mosser do not state the max weight it can hold but, as a guide, a 12″ cake stand can hold up to 34kg – it is essential to use a flat, stable surface and have heavy cakes perfectly centred to avoid stressing the glass
  • HANDLE WITH CARE – looks and feels like enamel or ceramic but please remember this is glass, so handle with care
  • recommend wipe clean only
  • protectively boxed

Check with your local cake shop for stockist and various sizes and colours being offered.

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