Baby shower crafting: free handmade baby greeting card tutorial and printables

BABY BIB CARD by anino ogunjobi



A free tutorial on how to make this quick baby bib handmade greeting card for a new baby.

Here is the template in PDF baby bib templates and card

The bib design can be scanned into the computer and cut out with a digital cutter like the silhouette cameo.

You can also cut the bib with a craft knife or scissors.


Baby Pink cardstock A4

Hot pink cardstock A4

A4 white cardstock or A5 card

Baby bib printable template.

Liquid glue

Ribbon 3mm width, 1/2 meter length

3d sticky foam pad






1. Cut A5 size of card from the hot pink and baby pink cardstock. Cut out about 5mm from the width and length of the hot pink card. Cut out 10mm from the width and length of the baby pink card. Using wet glue, layer this card as shown in the picture below.

matting and layered cardstock



2. cut out the baby bib pattern and sentiments from the remaing A5 pink (Hot pink and baby pink) cardstock.

cut out baby bib and sentiments



3. Layer the sentiments on each other as shown in the picture. Use a liquid glue to stick it in place.

cut out sentiments



layered sentiments


4. With a liquid glue, attach the smaller bib (baby pink) to the larger bib.

Place 3d sticky foam pad at the back (use liquid glue if desired).

BABY BIB CARD with 3d foam pad by anino ogunjobi



5. Place sentiments and bib on front of card. Glue bow to bib.

BABY BIB CARD by anino ogunjobi



Photo credit: Anino Ogunjobi