Handcrafted lampworked glass beads at firemountaingems

lampwork beads



Lampworked glass was originally named for the ancient process of forming glass over an oil lamp. Modern lampworked glass beads are now formed with flame torches, but are still highly sought-after additions to jewelry.

Handcrafted is at the heart of these new limited-inventory lampworked glass beads. From 3mm all the way up to 20mm in size, you’ve got plenty of choices.

  • Round
  • Fluted rounds
  • Puffed flat rounds
  • Translucent
  • Two-colour
  • Opaque
  • Foil lined
  • Glittered
  • Flower accents and more!

Shop them right now and get your hands on beads from this handcrafted selection.


Happy beading!