I decided to bake bread using a video tutorial on youtube _ Anino

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Laughing…….. So, I desired to have homemade bread because, I couldn’t get to a close-by shop.

I saw this video on youtube and had to do it.

“Bake like a pro” Using his techniques and my own recipe, I mixed my dough and proved it (allow it to rise).

Finally. My bread was ready; Tasters get in here.

Please sit down everyone, I want you to taste this bread and write your comments anonymously;  I said.

They all sat down joyfully and had a taste of this freshly baked homemade bread.

Hmmmm! How do I tell the difference between each comment without the tasters knowing? I asked myself.

Oh ! I got it, I will give each person, a sheet of paper with a different colour of pen. I smiled to myself *winked*

Please write your comments and throw the sheet of paper in this waste-bin *winked*

All comments turned out positive, so each person will get a christmas gift . ………laughing.


Flour – plain/ all purpose 897gms

Sugar 110gms

Salt 1teaspoon

Yeast -dried 2 tablespoon

water  0.15ml

milk- fresh 0.4ml

butter- unsalted 250gms

Sultanas/raisins/ currants

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