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Block promotion of the Month

Multiblock Tip stock sale

Rather than a specific block of the month for August, we decided to have a sale on Multiblock tips, and we’ve even increased the discount to 30% off!

The offer only applies to tips that we have in stock so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

If you’re not familiar with our multiblocks and how they work, have a look at our multiblocks page, but remember that even if you don’t own any other multiblocks to use these tips with, they can still be used on their own to make pill box hats. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab a bargain!


You can see all the tips below that we have in stock and here is a list of the sizes that are available:

x2 MB70 – 22″ (56cm)


x2 MB10 – 23″


x2 MB76 – 22.5″ (57cm)
x1 MB76 – 21.5″


x3 MB34 – 22.5″ (57cm)
x1 MB34 x 23″


x5 MB40 – 22″ (56cm)
x3 MB40 – 23″


x1 MB67 – 23″


x2 MB72 – 22.5″ (57cm)


x2 MB38 – 22″ (56cm)
x1 MB38 – 23″


x1 MB59 – 22.5″ (57cm)


To take us up on this great offer call Owen today on +44 (0)1380 859756 or hit reply and send us an email to and we can get them out for you