Welcome to the month of september 2015

September tag 2 by anino ogunjobi


How fast! We are in a new month already!

It is a honour to welcome everyone to this month of september 2015.

Happy new month!

Hopefully, we will be starting our ” 12  DAYS OF CHRISTMAS” this month.

Please, look out for post on it; The 12 days of christmas will involve various crafts.

It is getting colder in London and its environs;I know we will be seeing lots of

  • Fabulous knitwears in fashion.
  • Yarn colours in outstanding Autumnal shades from all quality yarn manufacturers,
  • Beautiful and creative cakes for us to celebrate with,
  • Lovely and bespoken furnishing from  home decorators,
  • Quality fabrics with unique designs from textile manufacturers,
  • Greeting cards with “wow factor” from greeting card maufacturers (including handmade greetingcards crafts),
  • Graphic/ digital designs that leaves us speechless,
  • Passionate paintings,
  • Eye-catching jewelries,
  • Elegant fashions (clothings),
  • Keepsake party favours (weddings and other celebrations),
  • Memorable events (trades, fashion shows, creative shows),
  • Interesting Millineries
  • And much more!

Once again, Happy new month and welcome to the month of september 2015.

Your  Fellow crafter,

Anino Ogunjobi