2016 tea towel calendar by Anino Ogunjobi for Spoonflower’s tea towel calendar fabric contest

tea towel calendar 2016 by anino ogunjobi

Reminiscing about four seasons (climatic change) is what inspired Anino Ogunjobi to design this Tea-Towel calendar.

Whenever we hear the word “tea towel calendar“; it reminds us that a New Year is about to begin and the year we are in; will soon end.
However, in each year there are seasonal changes (climatic conditions).
This tea towel design, shows four seasons in climatic conditions and vegetation.
In Autumn or Fall season; the vegetation turns brown, amber, golden yellow.
In Winter: the house and vegetation are covered with snow and icicles.
In spring; the vegetation is green, since plants starts sprouting and budding.
In Summer; the vegetation is covered with beautiful and colourful blooms or flowers.