Knee skimming skirt from McCall M6994 sewing pattern


This knee skirt ‘s sewing pattern from McCall will keep you looking CHIC while giving you that beautiful pleated design.

This skirt fits all seasons.

  • In summer, it can be made from beautiful and colourful floral fabrics.
  • In spring, it can be made from pastel coloured fabric.
  • In Autumn , it can be made from muted colour palette fabrics.
  • In winter, it can be made from Bold or dark coloured fabrics.

The beautiful fits of this skirt is the shoes that can be used with it.

  • stiletto
  • knee length boots
  • sandals
  • court pumps
  • and much more.

Enjoy the feel and twist of a pleated skirt that flatters your look while complementing your style.