Beautiful stencils from Plaid Enterprise

Plaid stencils

You know that I am a fan of Plaid products especially their stencils. It was Plaid Enterprise’s stencil that I used in my book, “A stencil’s potential in various crafts”, where I demonstrated the potential of just ONE stencil in various crafts. Pictures of stencils below!

Some beautiful stencils from Plaid Enterprise that I received recently.

Thank you Plaid Enterprise! I am grateful, so excited!

Plaid stencils includes;

  • Chevron stencils for wall,
  • Ornate damask,
  • Layer medallion,
  • Layer trellis,
  • Trellis,
  • Peony,
  • Layer flower,
  • Parisian crest,
  • Scroll medallion,
  • Dahlia,
  • Suzani,
  • Regal french,
  • Camellia.

You know what this means!” more demonstration”! So watch out for the post!

Plaid wall stencils camellia
Plaid stencils camellia


Plaid wall stencils layer medallion
Plaid stencil layer medallion
Plaid wall stencils parisian crest
Plaid stencil parisian crest
Plaid wall stencils dahlias
Plaid stencils dahlias







Plaid wall stencils layer flower
Plaid stencils layer flower


Plaid wall stencils suzani
Plaid stencil suzani
Plaid wall stencils regal french
Plaid stencil regal french
Plaid wall stencils ornate damask
Plaid stencils ornate damask







Plaid wall stencils scroll medallion
Plaid stencil scroll medallion
Plaid wall stencils peony
Plaid stencils peony
Plaid wall stencils layer trellis 2
Plaid stencils layer trellis








Plaid wall stencils trellis
Plaid stencil trellis
Plaid wall stencils chevron 1
Plaid stencil chevron
Plaid stencils back with instructions 1
Plaid stencil back with instructions