Three artist; One assignment (to create the best fan art ever made of DanTDM) by Adobe

Dei Gaztelumendi

Adobe gave three of Europe’s most talented game concept artists one mission: to
create the best fan art ever made of DanTDM, one of the world’s biggest gaming
commentators on YouTube. The Result? DanTDM, who averages more than 400
million views monthly playing games, now has three additional, very own and
unique, gaming characters.

Each artist have shared the step by step drawing process on their Behance page
where they describe how they let their character come to life.

Enjoy the tips and tricks from these great creatives!

Dei Gaztelumendi.


Dei Gaztelumendi.

Character creator/wizard and lead designer at Deisign Studio, with Paramount Pictures,
Animation Mentor and Nightwheel Pictures among others on their client list. Everyone
should have a Dozer at home (check out Dei’s Behance portfolio and you will understand).

Joakim Hellstedt.

Joakim Hellstedt

Round little puppydogs or warriors armed with sharp and unhealthy-looking objects – the
Hellstedt masters these extremes and most things in between. As a freelance artist he has
created art and characters for Dice/EA’s Battlefield 3, Avalanche’s Mad Max as well as for
various design agencies.

Seed Seven

Seed Seven

“My main goal is to get gamers excited”, Seed Seven once said in an interview. The many
years as Art and Creative Director earned him quite the reputation, which helped him,
together with the creative studio he co-founded, to bag video game and book projects like
Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Star Wars and Alien.