Create Envelopes at various depth with the innovative Enveloplus board

enveloplus imgae 1

The featured product of the day is the Enveloplus board! Don’t be stuck for envelopes anymore; With the Super size envelope creator you can add the finishing touch to your three dimensional over-sized card-project by packaging it in a matching envelope!

The Enveloplus is a scoreboard used for making Envelopes or envelope boxes. The enveloplus is so versatile that it is an essential in crafting, especially if one is making decoupage greeting cards, shaker greeting cards, oversized greeting cards, cards that cannot fit into the regular envelopes and much more.

Below is a video clip on how to use the Enveloplus. The Enveloplus is a product of Crafter’s Companion®

Create Envelopes at various depth  with the innovative Enveloplus board.

This innovative tool can be used to transform any sheet of regular cardstock into one of thousands of custom-size envelopes up to 12 inches by 12 inches, in varying depths of up to 1 inch perfect for your custom cards or as an unusual alternative to regular gift boxes.