Featured product: Paper cutting guillotine

Photo credit: A Hudy Bery®

Tired of not cutting your cardstock, papers straight or with a straight edge? Then a paper cutting guillotine is the solution!

The featured product for the day is a guillotine.

Paper cutting Guillotine is a tool designed to cut a single sheet or a large set of paper at once with a straight edge.

Paper guillotine in necessary in greeting card-making/paper crafting when you desire a professional cut/paper trim to your cardstock.

Some Paper-guillotines includes a rotary paper trimmer and measuring guide (paper guillotine illustrated above).

Paper guillotine varies in size; the size of paper guillotine in publishing houses varies in size from the paper guillotine illustrated above.For crafters/ craft people, common paper guillotine sizes are A4, A3,A2.

Be careful! the blade is sharp.