Featured product: The kitchen scale

kitchen measuring scale

Have you ever baked a cake using your eye as a measuring devices and then the next time you do same your cake turns out worse?

Have you ever wondered why the cookbooks/recipe books do specify the quantity and weight of each ingredient?Without measuring your ingredients you cannot ascertain the weight of each ingredient used in making a particular product, meal or much more.

As a Teen, I never knew that measuring ingredient was important until I discovered that some food that I cook on certain days were eatable and the others had complains like too much salt, too much chili, too much oil; even cakes then had too much flour or too much butter…. don’t laugh, You know this when you are making short crust pastry or baking.

The kitchen scale is the tool that helps in measuring the weight of each ingredient including liquids. It is the answer to weighing question.


A man was watching a cookery show, and he was told to add a cup of water to the casserole mix; He took out a large cup because, he thought to himself, a cup is a cup but he forgot that cup varies in sizes and he ended up with a very watery sauce.