Go! fabric cutter and dies launches on Create and Craft TV’s 4 days deal

AccuQuilt GO Fabric and Strip Cutters, 9 Inch Qube and 10x24 Mat Bundle

AccuQuilt GO Fabric and Strip Cutters, 9 Inch Qube and 10×24 Mat Bundle

90% faster than rotary cutters*, the AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter is one for the quilters, accurately cutting up to six layers of cotton fabric at a time! With an easy-to-use design, developed to help reduce hand and arm strain, this innovative machine is portable and easy to store – weighing just 15lbs.

The double roller design provides clean cuts, while the rubber feet grip and hold the cutter in place when cutting. But it doesn’t end there – the comfortable roller handle grip is easy and safe, eliminating the aches and pains often caused by using a rotary cutter.

Taking cutting fabric pieces to a whole new dimension, discover how easy it is to create 9″ finished blocks using your GO! Fabric Cutter with this GO! Qube Mix and Match 9 Inch Block. Most blocks take less than a half hour from cutting to sewing – just add your fabric into the mix and you’re ready to go!







GO! Fabric Cutting Dies are the perfect solution for your quilting woes – you won’t have to work out the maths again! Use these dies to precisely cut out patchwork squares or triangles with accurate 1/4″ seam allowances.

Featuring lines at 90 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees and 60 degrees, the GO! Strip Cutter allows quilters to cut strips into squares and several types of diamonds, using them to make classic quilt blocks.

The GO! Cutting Mat has been specially-formulated as part of the precision system that makes AccuQuilt’s cutters and dies so efficient. A large 10″ x 24″ size, this mat is simply placed on top of your fabric, then rolled through your GO! Fabric Cutter machine.


  • 1 x AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter Starter Set
  • 1 x AccuQuilt GO! Qube Mix and Match 9 Inch Block
  • 1 x AccuQuilt GO! Strip Cutter – 2.5 Inch (2 Inch Finished) – 3 Strips
  • 1 x AccuQuilt GO! Cutting Mat (10 x 24 Inch)

Photo credit: Create and craft TV