My Sunday Hot-pot Quick Chicken pie!

Chicken pie pan baked 1

I love Chicken, steak and fish pies. I made this hurriedly and I ate it quickly! (More pictures below). My crust isn’t flaky because, I don’t like flaky crust.

I mixed the flour with unsalted butter (richly) because I just love the taste. I used cooked Diced chicken and casserole mix for the filling.

I used a springform baking pan to bake the pie at 150 degree Celsius(oven temperature) for 50 minutes to 1 hour 10 minutes.

Yummy , I should say, It really is.

Mother’s day and Easter day are approaching very fast! You can make one for the mother in your life.

I will make one later on with a step by step tutorial,; before then get your equipment and ingredients ready (plain/all purpose flour, unsalted butter, chicken casserole mix, water, mixer, dessert/dinner knife,oven baking pan and rolling pin).

Chicken pie pan baked 2
Pie baked using a springform baking pan

Chicken pie pan baked 3







Chicken pie pan baked 6
chicken pie showing filling

Chicken pie pan baked 5




Chicken pie pan baked 1