A crafter’s biggest fear by Yarnspirations

crafters biggest fear by Yarnspirations image 2

Yarnspiration posted on its Instagram page, this lovely “fear quote tag.”with these words written on it

” My biggest fear is that when I die, my spouse will sell all my craft supplies for what I said they cost…..”

See a screenshot of the post below.


*When the delivery man/postman/courier comes with your parcel, and you are asked HOW MUCH IS THIS? THIS SURELY COST ALOT!  MUST YOU BUY IT?

You tend to say;

  • It is not expensive, you don’t say the price or show the receipt, * but the real price is hidden in you,
  • I bought them at half price,
  • There was free delivery,
  • I couldn’t resist,
  • Club member’s offer,
  • The list is endless…….

crafters biggest fear by Yarnspirations