Anino used Plaidcrafts’ Peony stencil to decorate a cake for Mother’s day

stencilled peony cake 7

Here is a quick tutorial by Anino Ogunjobi on how to use a stencil with cream-cheese icing paste, to decorate a cake for mother’s day or any occasion according to your choosing.

Do you remember the plaidcraft’s stencil that I featured in a previous post(here)? Anino promised that she will be crafting with them. She decorated this cake using one of those stencils.

stencilled peony cake 1Plaid wall stencils peonyPlaid stencils







Materials needed

  • Soft cheese
  • Plaidcraft’s stencil- Peony
  • Palette knife
  • Fondant covered cake
  • Icing sugar (powder)
  • Food colouring: orange

STEP 1: place stencil on the fondant covered cake; the stencil that I used is large, so I used a portion of the design.


stencilled peony cake 2

STEP 2: Cream the soft cheese and the sieved icing sugar together, this makes a soft paste. Add the food colouring. Paste should not be running or too stiff. Spread the cream-cheese icing on the stencil and the cake using the palette knife.

stencilled peony cake 3

stencilled peony cake 4





STEP 3: Remove the stencil, when you have finished covering and smoothing the icing paste on the cake and stencil design. Tie a ribbon to the base of the cake.

stencilled peony cake 5 stencilled peony cake 6 stencilled peony cake 7