Crafter’s companion ultimate pro bundle at Hochanda TV; includes ultimate pro, card dvd, boxes dvd and the scoremaster board


Crafters Companion Ultimate Pro Bundle includes Ultimate Pro, Cards DVD, Boxes DVD and The ScoreMaster Board and it is available in


1 x Ultimate Pro

1 x Ultimate Pro Cards DVD

1 x Ultimate Pro Boxes DVD

1 x The ScoreMaster Board – Limited Edition Purple Glitter

The Ultimate Pro is an all-in-one, compact carry-case which allows you to score, emboss, measure, trim, embellish, create boxes, shaped card blanks, envelopes and so much more. This innovative product is designed to take your crafting onto the next level by providing an array of crafting utilities at your fingertips.

The Crafter’s Companion Ultimate Pro is everything you will ever need for your card making projects, in one handy and portable carry case. The carry-case opens out to form a complete workstation and incorporates 10 crafting functions onto the various faces of the case. Each unit comes complete with a 24-page detailed full-colour step-by-step instruction booklet which covers tutorials on the 10 functions of the board with additional hints, tips and inspirational extras.

Also included are the crafting accessories including the ribbon shaping pegs, 2 double ended scoring and embossing tools with 3, 4 and 5mm rounded embossing heads and a bone folder, the ergonomically designed cutting mouse with double-ended retractable safety blade, and the hinged ruler. All the required extras are contained within the integral storage compartments inside the tool, with mouldings designed to hold the accessories in place when the unit is closed.

This innovative, attractive purple plastic tool has a special finish which has been designed and developed to ease dry embossing creating a non-skid, easy-emboss surface. Added to that, this all-in-one carry case is lightweight and compact making it great for travelling and taking to craft clubs, with room for everything you need inside the handy storage compartments! With everything you need to score, trim, measure and embellish, this really is the perfect tool for all your card-making needs!














Whether you are new to card making or have years of experience, these DVDs are for you.

They are absolutely packed with stunning ideas that you can use to create your own beautiful and unique cards and boxes.

There are 18 different design tutorials on the Cards DVD, ranging from a standard square box through to more complicated and impressive projects such as a triangular roll or even a picnic basket. The Boxes DVD has 26 different design tutorials, ranging from a standard Stepper Card through to more complicated and impressive projects such as the Metamorphic or Exploding cards.

On these DVDs, Sara shows you how you can have lots of fun creating these cards and boxes, which make great keepsakes and can be used for lots of different occasions! All the projects shown on the DVD have been made in plain white card so that you can see the basic concepts, then add your own artistic flair to your creations.

Cards DVD Projects Included;

• Basic 6” x 6” Easel

• Upright Stepper

• Basic Handbag

• Centre Step Out

• Exploding Card

• Four-way Easel

• Twisted 6” x 6” Easel

• Diamond 6” x 6” Easel

• Expanding Handbag

• Memento Handbag

• Basic Wedding Invitation

• Card & Envelope storage folder

• A5 Side Stepper with 6” x 6” Panel

• Triple Easel

• Pocket Invitation

• Gift Card Holder

• Slip Box Easel card

• Single Pocket Invitation

• Side Stepper with A6 Panel

• Slider Box Card for a Pen

• Slider Box Card for Jewellery

• Slider Box Card for Tealights

• Standard Stepper (6” x 6” & A6 centre)

• Inverted Stepper (6” x 6” & A6 centre)

• Metamorphic Box Card – Diagonal

• Metamorphic Box Card – Square

Boxes DVD Projects Included;

• Picnic Basket

• Basket Style Box

• Bon Bon Box

• Carry Stack

• Standard Box

• Standard Slip Box

• Expanding Box

• Exploding Box

• Facetted Box

• Twist Top Box

• Manicure Set

• Triangular Box

• Pizza Style Box

• Triangular Roll Box

• 24 Drawer Advent Box

• Double Expanding Box

• Segmented Pizza Style Box

• Diagonal 4 Drawer Stack

With the innovative Crafter’s Companion Scoremaster tool, you’ll be able to create cards, boxes and much more!

For crafting on the go look no further than the versatile double-sided ScoreMaster A4 scoring board. With measurements in metric on one side and imperial on the other, you will be able to accurately measure in 1/8” and 5mm increments for precise results. There is also a box-making functionality engineered into the design for creating different sized boxes with ease!

This handy size is perfect for those who attend workshops and craft groups, or for those who simply need to work in a small area within their craft room.

The Scoremaster will hold A4 card perfectly