Featured fabric: Lovebirds by Magentarosedesigns

lovebirds by Magentarosedesigns

Lovebirds by Magentarosedesigns is our fetured fabric of the day!

Lovebirds in the rain cuddling and grooming each other “In any kind of weather, we’ll stay together”

Produced from an original water colour painting that Magentarosedesigns did. Many bird couples mate for life, and now a new study finds that these pairs will even sacrifice access to food in order to stay close to their loved ones over the winter months. The choice to stay close to their partner over accessing food demonstrates how an individual bird’s decisions in the short term, which might appear sub-optimal, can actually be shaped around gaining the long-term benefits of maintaining their key relationships.

This design is available in various colour-ways.

Please visit Magentarosedesigns’ shop in Spoonflower to order and see more designs.

Fabric link: http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/5105596-lovebirds-by-magentarosedesigns

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