Featured fabric: seamless magnolia pale green pink by Anino Ogunjobi Ahudybery®

seamless magnolia pale green pink


Beautiful and outstanding seamless magnolia fabric by Ahudybery® for your sewing projects or needs. See pictures below for colour-ways(colour variation) of this magnolia fabric.

Magnolias are exotic -looking hardy trees and shrubs, highly valued for their large flowers and distinctive, often large leaves.

You can order these magnolia fabrics from our spoonflower or woven monkey shop.

Spoonflower shop:-   http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/anino

Woven monkey shop:-   http://www.wovenmonkey.com/designers/anino-ogunjobi

seamless magnolia- coral blush,pink
seamless magnolia whitish green
seamless magnolia- pale blue
seamless magnolia- pale blue
magnolia seamless white and green
magnolia seamless white and green