Featured wallpaper: Wake Up Call by Ttoz

wake up call by Ttoz

Our featured wallpaper is the wake up call by Ttoz.

Ttoz describes this design as

“An Ode to the little bird that wakes me up every Saturday morning, tapping on my window sill. My husband finally replaced the hole he made in our poor wood sill only to wake up to the tap-tap-tapping again the next day. Now he is going for our frame. Oh stubborn little bird — you are lucky you are so beautiful.
Originally hand sketched and outlined, recreated and colored in Photoshop. I wish I had watercolors to create it in true form, but I hope you enjoy the attempt to modernize the feeling”.

Please, visit Ttoz’s shop in Spoonflower to order and see more designs.

Wallpaper link: http://www.spoonflower.com/wallpaper/1135833-wake-up-call-by-ttoz

Ttoz’s Shop: http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/ttoz