Branch out on your hobbies toward woodworking with scrolling saw as Roger Berwick demonstrates on Hochanda TV


Is woodworking a hobby or something you have always wanted to have ago at but you’ve never been quite sure how to get started? Then let Roger teach you how to make this dolphin inspired bookends on Hochanda TV. Toddlers love dolphins and this wooden toy will be a delight to them.

Tune in to HOCHANDA TV this Sunday at 10am & 2pm and let Roger Berwick show you how to get the best from not only the SIP Router but the highly accurate SIP Dovetail Jig, which will enable you to produce all manner of items with this iconic woodworking joint.

During the show Roger will also demonstrate the setup of the jig as well as the differing templates available to produce a variety of dovetail joints in varying sizes.

Not to be missed at 5pm & 6pm Roger will show you how easy it is to make a highly functional, yet decorative, set of dolphin inspired bookends using all of the SIP tools.

During the two hours you will not only learn how to make these delightful items but will no doubt also pick up some very useful tips along the way from our resident Woodworking expert.