Happy New Month and welcome to the month of April in the year 2016!

Welcome to the month of April 2016

It is a new month and it is also the fourth (4th) month of the year.

In the UK (United Kingdom) Spring (season)has already sprung and the Clock-time is in Daylight saving time (DST).

The weather is changing and we have to take proper care of our babies and toddlers since they can fall ill during this weather change.

This Month we will be crafting for Children with a focus on Babies and Toddlers including the child in the womb because they are our princes and princesses(Little stars and lights).

Spring projects for Adults will also be sneaked in because we need to craft a Spring (season) wardrobe and so on.

Hopefully, we will be having Two (2) knitwear of the week instead of one;  to cater for the boy-child and the girl-child.

The first knitwear of the week will be featured between Friday and Sunday while the second (2nd) knitwear will be featured between Monday and Thursday.

Let me keep the other crafting activities as a surprise for now!

Enjoy the April showers.

Enjoy this month and have fun!

Once again Happy New Month and welcome to the Month of April in the year 2016.