Photography: Beautiful valley in south China by Imonnick(Itai Monnickendam)

Guozigou, Shanxi, Uyghur China by Imonnick

Enjoy this beautiful nature Scenery of a beautiful valley in the south of China “Guozigou Valley, Uyghur China”.

Imonnick (Itai Monnickendam) posted the picture on his Instagram page. See a screenshot of the post below.


He captioned it ” Where trees come to life” and then He wrote this description below.

One of the pleasant surprises we encountered in the beginning of this trip was this valley in South China. Although not visible in its full glory in this image, this was its opening sight.

Looks highly maintained, but this is its natural mid-season look. We stumbled upon this place after meeting a local photographer the other day at Sayram Lake.

It was well worth the spontaneity and also as an intro to the local driving and hitch-hiking customs. After a small car ride mishap, we knew there’s nothing taken for granted when you’re in a different culture.

Guozigou, Shanxi, Uyghur China by Imonnick Itai Monnickendam