You are special! We need each other’s talent/skills

You are special greeting tag

Today’s greeting card/tag from me(Anino) is to say “YOU ARE SPECIAL”.

To everyone who has

  • made their working environment conducive,
  • worked to make the country peaceful and live-able,
  • Lend a helping hand to someone,
  • done their job despite the skill level,
  • and so on…

You all know that the fire-fighter needs the farmer to grow the food that he(the fire- fighter) will eat. The doctor needs the fashion designer to sew his(doctor) clothing/uniform.

The farmer needs the people to buy his food. The community needs the cleaners for a neat environment.The list is endless. We need each other’s career to live in this country/world.

This card comes to remind you a glimpse of how SPECIAL YOU ARE!