Butterwort plant in lineart and colour

Butterwort in lineart and colour by Anino Ogunjobi

Our lineart and colouring of the day is the Butterwort plant whose scientific name is Pinguicula.  I  (Anino)coloured the butterwort digitally (see pictures in line art and colour below).

Pinguicula, commonly known as the butterworts, is a genus of carnivorous plants.

An insectivorous plant, the bright yellow-green leaves of Common Butterwort excrete a sticky fluid which attracts unsuspecting insects. Once an insect get trapped, the leaves slowly curl around their prey and digest it. The acidic bogs, fens and damp heaths that Common Butterwort lives in don’t provide it with enough nutrients, so it has evolved this carnivorous way of life to supplement its diet. Common Butterwort has purple flowers that appear from May to July, giving the plant its other common names of ‘Bog Violet’ and ‘Marsh Violet’.

Use it in a craft of your choosing.

Have fun, Happy crafting!

Butterwort in lineart by Anino Ogunjobi Butterwort in colour by Anino Ogunjobi