“Find Your Own Way” Flickr Founder Caterina Fake said as Chase Jarvis interviews her on #30DaysofGenius

caterina fake on 30days of genius with chase jarvis

Founder of Flickr, Chairman of the Board for Etsy, and one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People. Today on 30 Days of Genius, creative entrepreneur Caterina Fake explains why we all have a mandate to educate ourselves and how this is critical to forging our own path(watch it on the Youtube link below).

Caterina Fake is an influential entrepreneur and angel investor. As a co-founder of Flickr, Caterina was at the masthead of Web 2.0, developing many of the Internet features we take for granted today: social networking, tagging, and content surfacing algorithms. Her list of accomplishments and involvements is impressive. She is the founder of Findery, a geotagging company that helps people share local knowledge and stories about the world around them. She is also the Chairman of the Board for Etsy, a board member at Creative Commons, and on the board of advisors for the Berkeley School of Information.