Jaguarwoman designs (Dana Sitarzewski ) speaks on how she gets her inspiration to create such rare designs

Outlander roses

People occasionally ask me where I get my inspiration  I’m initially always inspired by thoughts about a specific color or a unique palette; Dana Sitarzewski said.

To my brain, the shapes and patterns are mainly a place to hang the colors.  In beading as well, I am literally driven by a vision of color.  I mean color perception is in the behavioral driver’s seat.

The inspiration for this week’s roses was a recent episode of “Outlander”:  Claire’s intensely rosy/geranium/red dress which she wore to a decadent 18th Century royal bacchanal.  I was fixated on how I could render that sexy velvety red in a rose.  It made such a potent statement!  I wanted to produce a really vital and feminine form of rose red.

 I think Claire’s red dress was more geranium than rose, but I tend toward the blue end of the reds in my natural inclinations. So this is how I get specific inspiration for my project:  I see something on TV  – or by the side of the road – and my brain forces me to find a way to express it.  I now understand that the reason I love flowers is that color is their way of life.  The minute I saw Claire wearing that red dress I could not work on anything other than these roses.  The value of an historically-themed, Cable series with production values through the roof, viewed on a large high definition flatscreen tv . . . priceless inspiration.