Listen to Secrets of a Successful Serial Entrepreneur by Kevin Rose as Chase Jarvis interviews him on 30 Days of Genius

Kevin rose on the 30 days of genius with chase Jarvis

Today’s guest on the 30 days of Genius is Kevin Rose. Watch as Chase Jarvis interviews him.

Kevin is a prolific entrepreneur and angel investor — but his success has not been due to shrewd calculation alone. He joins 30 Days of Genius to talk about starting small, following your insights, and finding joy in the unknown.( watch the video on the Youtube link below).

From the outside, Kevin Rose has lived the dream of many aspiring Internet entrepreneurs.

His businesses have been prescient and successful, and as an angel investor he has bet on major players before they were big: Square, Twitter and Uber, to name a few. But Kevin’s success is not due to shrewd calculation alone.

He stays resilient in the face of failure. He starts small and follows his insights.

Join Kevin to learn how he derives joy and excitement from the unknown, and how to get started on investing in your own ideas.