Product of the day: Crossover embossing and die-cutting machine by Tattered lace®

Tattered lace Crossover die-cutting and embossing machine

Take your crafting to the next level with the reliable, portable and exceptionally efficient Crossover Machine. Working with the majority of dies manufactured in both the paper and fabric industries, this crafting tool is perfect for use with Tattered Lace Linen and Lace dies to create multiple precision-cut layers in paper, card, fabric and more!

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The Crossover has a metal frame and components, coming with five metal gears. It easily adjusts to the strength of the crafter, so you could begin with light cuts and progress to heavier cuts.

The unique patented adjustable roller system accepts thin etched dies as well as thicker plastic backed, old style steel rule dies.

The narrower extended platform accessory allows complicated dies to be passed through at different angles for excellent cutting capability. Including an alternative plate to allow for different styled cuts, this tool has solid rollers for better strength in cutting, coming with rubber stops on covers and the bottom to discourage slipping while cutting.


  • 1 x Crossover Machine – includes:
    • 3 x Adaptor Plate Accessories
    • Instructions
    • Mat

Crossover Machine Features:

  1. Crossover sides fold up to take up less table/storage space, also making it portable.
  2. Adjusts to any embossing folder or plate, allowing crafters to adjust embossing to light or heavy effects.
  3. Features innovative pressure adjustment, negating the need to use shims and multiple layers of plastic to get good results.
  4. Adjusts to multi-layer die-cutting of fabrics, felt, chipboard, thin leather and paper cuts.
  5. Allows thicker materials to be die-cut with proper dies.
  6. Attractive, modern appearance.
  7. Fold up covers are used for handles.
  8. New upgraded gear box for long term use.
  9. Simple adjustment with your fingertip and viewable settings on the face.
  10. Cast metal handle that doesn’t wear out.
  11. Geared so that the crafter actually feels the cutting activity – this is important as the handle resists cutting if the setting on the machine is too tight.

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