“Strip me a quilt in diagonals” as Modafabrics shared a diagonal striped quilt forming diamonds by Whipsnapsandy

whipsnapsandy quilt by Modafabrics image 1

Creative way to use those jellyrolls and strips of fabrics. *Where is that my Accuquilt’s Go! strip fabric cutter dies! Now you have to work the money that I spent buying you *winked.

Whipsnapsandy stitched some fabric strips together in a diagonal design to form lovely squares; which was then sewn together to form diamond shapes.

Modafabrics posted this lovely quilt, using strips of fabrics by Whipsnapsandy . It was captioned,

“Squirrel! I was looking for something, saw this picture of Sandy’s gorgeous string quilt and got completely distracted! @whipsnapsandy She made this using the leftover strips from her Bonnie & Camille Swap Log Cabin. Perfection! And I need to make a string quilt. #showmethemoda #modafabrics “.

See the screenshot of the post below.

whipsnapsandy quilt by Modafabrics