Congratulations to Charlotte- Season 4 winner of the Great British sewing Bee (2016) and also every one who made this program a success

Congratulations to Charlotte, the winner of season 4 Great British sewing Bee 2016 competition.

Congratulations to every sewist/sewer who took part in this competition and made it a success.

Charlotte sewing bee image 3Charlotte sewing bee

Indeed it was interesting and I know that Monday at 9pm/ 9:30pm was a time to be watching this suspense filled and educative sewing program.

Charlotte sewing bee image 2 Charlotte sewing bee image 4

Thanks to the organisers , pattern manufacturers, fabric suppliers and every other person who contributed to this program.

Thanks to the viewers. I saw the ratings and it was high.( screenshot below).

great british sewing bee rating

Looking forward to season 5 of the Great British sewing bee( you know that we cant have enough of this program yet!).

Photo credit: The great British sewing bee.



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