Featured book: Loom Band it by Kat Roberts and Tessa Sillars- Powell

Loom band craft is exciting craft among children (Toddlers and teens). Keep the kids busy with loom-band craft.

Make charming bracelet, colourful rings and much more, with loom-bands.

Loom band craft uses a simple plastic loom, clips, hook and rubber-band( in different or single colours).

Lovely book with 60(sixty) step by step instructions and pictures.

Loom Band It offers 60 unique rubber band projects, from bracelets and charms to cell phone sleeves and sandals. The authors also give readers an introduction to the world of loomineering (as they refers to the popular craft), basic techniques for using the loom, and instructions for a variety of patterns like fishtail, hexafish, ladder, and double braid.

Kids and grownups who are new to looming, and those who would like to expand their projects, will find tons of inspiration and instruction in this book.

Loom band it book by Kat Roberts and Tessa Sillars- powell


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