Free shipping worldwide for “24 hours only” from 18th July 2016 to 19th July 2016( 12 Noon EDT) on Spoonflower

Wow! Get excited and order custom fabrics, wallpapers and giftwrap because, it is “Free standard shipping”  for any order, all over the world for “24 hours only” on Spoonflower.

Free standard shipping starts from now- 18th July, 2016) until Noon( 12Noon/ 12PM)- 19th July, 2016 EDT.

Have fun shopping for your favourite fabrics designs! as you know, it is summer in some areas of the world.

*OK! let me go and order mine quickly(I have some new designs that I love to proof) and mainly because, I love free shipping……. (laughing).

Visit:   to order custom fabrics, wallpapers and gift-wraps.

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