Knitwear of the week: Circular Crochet centerpiece with ruffle edging

Our knitwear of the week is back!

Although, it is summer, You can start preparing, designing and knitting/crocheting those knitwear for the winter period.

Circular crochet centrepiece with ruffle edging by Anino Ogunjobi.

This centrepiece has been crocheted using 100% Acrylic yarn, Robin Double knit brand by Thomas B. Ramsden.

Frills/ ruffles is achieved by crocheting “three(3)” double crochet stitch into “one(1)” double crochet of previous row and then repeating this pattern across all double crochets in previous row.

If you do sew, quilt or knit, ruffles can be done in those crafts too.

Have fun making yours.

Happy Knitwear designing!

Crochet circular centrepiece with ruffle edging