Line-art/ Colouring: Hibiscus flower

Our lineart /colouring of the day is Hibiscus flower.

Since, I didn’t plant hibiscus flower this season, let me draw one……laughing.

I  coloured the hibiscus flower using flood-fill in a graphic software- Inkscape (adobe photoshop, gimp, corel PSP, Serif Draw plus, and much more).

You can colour it with,

  • colouring pencil,
  • digitally,
  • watercolour,
  • paper piecing ( plain or patterned paper or fabric),
  • geometric shapes or pointillism(dots),
  • Zentangles or lines,
  • Embossing on parchment,
  • painting with thread(free-hand machine sewing with coloured thread),
  • Embroidery,
  • and much more.

Use it in a craft of your choosing,

  • Parchment,
  • Knitting(Motif, Fair-Isle, intarsia),
  • Crochet,
  • Paper craft/cardmaking,
  • Sugarcraft,
  • Cross stitch,
  • Sewing,
  • Digital craft,
  • Home décor,
  • and much more.

In all, just have fun.

Hibiscus flower Lineart Hibiscus flower colouring