Lineart/ Drawing: Yam tuber in colouring and line-art

Our line art of the day is Yam (tuber).

There are different types/kinds of yam like- wateryam, cocoyam, yam and so on.

Our focus is on Yam( picture below).

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Yam grows on a vine and it needs a stick for support( vine and leaves)to stand erect while its tuber grows beneath the soil surface. The stick helps in keeping the vines tidy.

I planted yams while I was young. I love to see it grow and when it was time for harvest, I couldn’t wait to uproot mine.

This large tuberous plant has a unique sweetness.

Yam is used in a variety of dishes/recipe like- Yam chips (fried yam), pounded yam, boiled yam , roasted yam, yam balls, Yam and pepper soup and much more.

Perhaps, I should demonstrate some yam dishes……laughing.

Yam in lineart Yam in colour