Sewing: Be admirable in a lovely skirt or gown using the Newlook 6454 sewing pattern

Be stunning in a gown or skirt made from the Newlook 6454 sewing pattern.

The Newlook 6454 sewing pattern is so versatile because, you can make a simple skirt or an extravagantly radiant skirt for an occasion or, decide on a skirt and top or combine to make a gown.

The gussets makes the pattern so outstanding and desirable.

*I made a two “2” lovely skirts and a gown using this pattern. I also added a large strap to the gown that I made( will post the picture in the next posts).

newlook-special-occasion-pattern-6454-front-back-view newlook-special-occasion-pattern-6454-AV2 newlook-special-occasion-pattern-6454-AV1A newlook-special-occasion-pattern-6454-AV1newlook-special-occasion-pattern-6454-envelope-front