Drawing/ Lineart: Apple fruit in Lineart and Colour

Apple fruit in Lineart and colouring is our Drawing or lineart of the day.

You can colour it,

  • digitally( flood fill, pattern fill, digital painting),
  • manually- (chalk, colour pencils, markers/ felt tip pens, gel pens),
  • Emboss or deboss- parchment,
  • paper piecing, pattern paper,

You can use it as,

  • Topper for greeting cards,
  • Cross stitch,
  • Knitting and crochet – intarsia, fairisle, single motif,
  • Beading- shrink plastic jewelry,
  • Sewing/quilting- appliqué,
  • Sugarcraft/ cake-decorating/ Confectioneries- painting, printed on wafer or icing sheet,
  • and so on

Enjoy using it in a craft of your choosing.

Apple in colour by Anino Ogunjobi. Apple in Lineart or drawing by Anino Ogunjobi