News: Crochet an Advent Christmas tree calendar with a difference by Thomas B. Ramsden

According to Thomas B. Ramsden,
They are having an exciting new CAL(Calendar) – Advent Tree – commencing 5th September.
The exciting news of their CAL project with a difference has been very well received and their retailers will be stocking up with the required yarn packs.
– remembering the Boy Scout’s Motto – BE PREPARED! 
They really hope you enjoy this 11 week family heirloom project.
 Don’t forget to ask your local retailer!  
Commencing 5th September for 11 weeks you just click on the CAL button at the top of the home page on their website.
Download the pattern every Monday by clicking the CAL button on the  Home Page of their website.

Advent calendar By Thomas B. Ramsden

For more information, please visit

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