Product of the day: Garter bar for machine knitting

Garter bar is our product of the day.

I see the garter bar as a transfer tool with lots of transfer prongs on a metal bar.

Garter bar comes with a stopper, which is adjustable and prevents the needles on the knitting machine from moving, when you are doing a stitch manipulation using the garter bar and needle stopper.

Most knitting machine have a garter bar for it ( picture shows a garter bar for the standard gauge knitting machine). You buy it separately because it is an add-on accessory.

garter bar on the knitting machine

Uses of Garter bar

Garter bar is a versatile tool in machine knitting because it helps when,

  • turning your knitting (purl side to knit side),
  • Holding stitches,
  • creating gather/ ruffle design on a gown, skirt,sleeve of shirts , etc. ( You can watch 0-3 months gather gown on the SK280 on ANINO TV( Youtube),
  • dart in needed to shape a knitwear(use in dart making on a knitwear),
  • moving stitches,
  • Removing stitches from the knitting machine,
  • Forming cables,
  • increasing stitches ,
  • decreasing stitches,
  • Hand-tooling lace design,
  • making garter stitches on a knitting machine,
  • and much more.

Diana L. Sullivan has a knitting video on Garter bar , which she termed the “The Garter bar video course“.

Garter bar
Garter bar for the standard gauge knitting machine. Photo credit: Anino Ogunjobi