Shuttle gray, Crusta, Trinidad, Chatelle, Milano red, Pumpkin, Colour palette of the day

Delightful Autumnal, colour palette of the day.

Our colour palette of the day consist of #616475 = Comet or Shuttle gray or Payne gray or Dark electric blue, #EF855E = Crusta or Coral, #E74E00 = Persimmon or Trinidad or Tangelo, #BFB1C0 = Chatelle or Lavender gray or Lola, #BA1D00 = Milano red or Rufous or Yelp or Free speech red, #FF8027 = Pumpkin.

Use it in,

  • designing motifs (seamless repeats, half brick, or mirror repeats,
  • Sugar-crafting,
  • Paintings,
  • Paper-crafts/cardmaking,
  • Parchment crafts,
  • Home décor,
  • Fashion/dressing up,
  • Knitting: machine knitting/hand knitting,
  • Crochet,
  • Sewing,
  • Quilting,
  • Fabric designing,
  • Digital crafting/computer crafts,
  • Celebrations; parties,weddings,baby showers,
  • Embroidery,
  • Favour bags/gift bags making,
  • Colouring,
  • and much more.

Shuttle gray, Crusta, Trinidad, Chatelle, Milano red, Pumpkin,

Colours can be used singly or combine to make beautiful stripes , colourful motifs,patterns and much more.

Have fun using this colour palette. Tag me on twitter, Instagram or send me your pictures (Link to our social media site is at the right-hand tool bar).

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