Nature Photography: Intriguing view/picture of the Grand Canyon National Park by Naturesalbum

Naturesalbum posted this intriguing picture of the Grand Canyon National Park and captioned it beautifully by describing the beauty of nature photography. See a screenshot of the post below.

It was captioned,

One of the reasons we love nature photography and storm chasing is because you never know what you are going to get. Usually we come away with wonderful experiences and sometimes with an image that stands out above the rest.

Then there are those rare days … those days that are nearly impossible to put into words. Last Friday was one of those days. We were storm chasing once again at the Grand Canyon. We almost always get skunked. Friday was different. It is hard to fully articulate how we felt as we watched this moment unfold in the cold, pouring rain, all alone at Yaki Point just before sunset.

The word that comes closest to describing it is euphoric. There is more to this story and more to come from this day but we had to begin with the end … the single best day we have ever experienced at the Canyon!! We are planning on holding a Grand Canyon Monsoon Workshop next summer so others can hopefully have an experience similar to this one. Stay tuned for more details! #rainbow #storm #grand canyon #epiccaptures #stormchasing #natureatitsbest #nature #landscape #landscapephotographer #igsouthwest #oharizona #ig_stormclouds #nationalparkgeek #itsamazingoutthere #natgeo #nps #arizonacollective #grandcanyonnps #usinterior #nature_perfection #igs_america #mypubliclandsroadtrip #ourwild #share_theexperience


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