Working on the children’s pattern of #Simplicitysewingchallenge for 2016

I will be making  two(2)  dresses for the children and one for the Adult (see picture of first dress overlay-before sewing) #Simplicitysewingchallenge for 2016.

My models are twins, so it won’t be nice making a dress for one and leaving the other model out(that’s why I am making 2 dresses).

I have already completed one, will post pictures and detailed description soon.


Need to work on the Adult’s dress( which I will be modelling) and the other child’s dress .

It’s been busy over here with cutting the patterns, reading instructions, snapping pictures, being neat and not over-looking details when sewing.

Photo: Second dress fabric

I am using buttons and buttonholes instead of zip.

Sewing the buttonhole( the manual way) was tricky since the Singer futura which I do use for automatic buttonhole sewing decided to give up on me. So lucky that I had another sewing machine(Toyota jeans ) to help me out.

The competition closes on the 30th of September,until then.

You can find out more on the competition in the links below.

#Simplicitysewingchallenge for 2016 is the project that I am currently working on- Anino


Last day to order free patterns to enter “the Simplicity sewing challenge”(#simplicitysewingchallenge) is 18th of July, 2016 and the closing date for the competition has been extended to 30th of September 2016


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