Craft News: Trimcraft reveals craft designers who will be joining their 2016/17 design team as they say thank you to everyone who entered their design team call

It’s time to reveal craft designers  joining the Trimcraft’s Design Team for 2016/17!

Read the press release below,

It’s finally time to reveal who will be joining our Design Team for 2016/17! After much consideration, we have picked our Design Team for 2016/17!

Head to the blog to get the juicy details about them, their favourite crafting styles and their hobbies!

We are so excited to share our lovely Design Team’s crafts with you on the blog and on social media, keep posted!

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who entered our design team call and we hope you continue to show off your brilliant crafts in our project gallery.

Have a read on our blog to find out a little more about each crafter, their style and what their favourite hobbies are.

  1. Emma Jewell
  2. Emily Grant
  3. Christine Bilyard
  4. Angela Dodson
  5. Victoria (Vicky) Bailey
  6. Michelle (aka Chunka) Gower
  7. May Jones
  8. Maxine Norman
  9. Manuela Navarro
  10. Lyndsey Turner

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