What I am currently working on: Machine-knitted patchwork blanket for a double- size bed

The winter season is here and the bed sheets are cold. The sheets still feel cold despite the heater. I noticed that, whenever I place a knitted blanket on the sheets and I lie on the knitted blanket, I do not feel the cold sheet.

I machine knitted this patchwork blanket on the knitting machine. I made it in panels because the size is too large to fit the knitting machine.




I used six(6) x 100gms yarns of each colour.

Each knitted square measures sixteen(16)  inches and approximately 100gms of yarn was use to knit.

I have finished knitting each panel which is made of six squares. The panels are being attached using a crochet hook and single crochet(UK) or Slip stitch(US) [I haven’t finish attaching the panels. I have three(3) more panels to attach- making it six(6) panels altogether).

I will post more later with details and pictures.