It’s all about you: Publish your creations in a photobook, Cd-rom or DVD

Today’s focus is on;  Publishing your creations.

You have done so well making/creating many items for sale, people, yourself and fun.

You may have taken photos of your works.

Today, assemble those pictures and put them in a photobook (like a picture catalogue/ portfolio) and print.

You can save them in CD-rom or DVD alternatively, make a photo slideshow with them and just watch your works.

It will make a great keepsake to you and will remind you of how blessed the work of your hands are.

Here is a slideshow (video) of my wallpaper designs, I made using Movavi video suite.

Some companies (Vista print, Tesco photos,) offer photobook prints.

Appreciate your creations/works.

Remember, It’s all about you.