Trending: Will the policy that you CANNOT sell your makes using Disney’s craft dies be announce on TV during the launch of the Disney princess craft dies collection?

Disney princess dies collection/range is launching at 8AM, monday 7th of November on Create and Craft TV(UK).

Social media sites(facebook, twitter, etc) is buzzing  as some people do not know that they cannot sell their craft makes if they use Disney’s dies on it.

Disney has stated (you can read it and see proof  here) that

Regardless of when the licensed products have been purchased, these products may not be used by consumers to sell or distribute any items they produce using the craft products outside the private, family sphere- Disney®

It is for personal use.

Eyes are glued to the TV screen, record buttons set on the TV boxes , No noise! I want to hear a pin drop as crafters will be watching. The show will be watched by a lot of people because many have been informed about what happened during the first launch in the month of June.

Officials, crafters, non-crafters, to mention but a few will be watching and recording. *Oh please don’t let the website crash ‘cos I may be ordering some items online.

Do you think Disney officials will be watching? Many people think they will be after the controversy of the first launch and crafters contacting Disney and Trading standard.

Some people didn’t get the memo last time because they believed that they could sell and were planning to use the craft-dies for their Christmas cards” Once upon a Christmas craft dies“.

It has been said repeatedly that Disney will prosecute but until there is a scapegoat who will adhere.

  • Some  people do not want others to say more concerning this matter or tell others that they can’t sell their make.
  • Others are buying because they like it. They do not sell their makes so are not bothered about an angel policy.
  • Everyone  to his or her opinion.
  • Some people do not care as far as they are not the ones getting hurt or being ignorant.
  • Some people do not want others to say the truth about angel policy surrounding the Disney’s dies because they think it is a trivial issue compare to what is happening in the world today.
  • Many people are scared that an innocent person will get prosecuted if they did sell their makes without knowing so, they want to get the word out!
  • Those without internet or who cannot access the website will not know that they cannot sell their crafty makes using these dies.
  • Many people want the policy announced during each show(Disney crafting dies).

What can you say!

From the conversations on various social media sites, You can denote that not everyone knows that they cannot sell or give their makes to friends and charity.

We learn a lot everyday.

Will the policy that you cannot sell your crafty makes using Disney’s craft dies (to forewarn all crafters) be announce on TV as they launch  the Disney’s princess craft dies!!!

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